Deliberate Concepts

Active Shooter ***On Request***

This course will take the brand-new handgun owner and teach them firearms safety, loading and unloading procedures, weapons manipulations, and the fundamentals of marksmanship.

Starting Date
01 Jan 2023
Course Duration
(2 Days) ~ 16 hours
Ryan Clark
Active Shooter ***On Request***
01 Jan 2023, 8am-5pm

One of the most daunting tasks for current Law Enforcement is THE ACTIVE SHOOTER(S). The challenges are many and at times there can seem like there are no solutions.

The instructors of Deliberate Concepts have trained over a thousand officers from multiple agency's in full scale active shooter response. They have experience in large scale events incorporating multiple inner agency units like SWAT Teams, Bomb Squad, and Fire/Medical.

​One of the biggest challenges from a training perspective is recreating environments that officers see as real. The need for realistic opposition has never been higher, and more necessary. The time for Officers to experience what it may be like to go against real gunfire, should not be during the real thing.

The challenges associated with incorporating a Fire/Medical response is different with every agency and you need instructors with experience to both assist in authoring response plans and utilizing concepts that make the most of departments resources.

Course Topics
Solo response
Hallway movement
Room entries
Purpose based movement
Strategies to integrate medical
Equipment List
Sturdy belt and holster and 1-2 magazine pouches
Wrap around eye protection
Ear protection, muff style is recommended
Sunblock/insect repellent as needed
Rain gear as needed

Frequently asked questions.

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions!

Students for this class must be with a law enforcement agency.

Students must be at least 18 years old or receive individual approval from Deliberate Concepts with a parent present at the time of training.

Full refund: 61 or more days from the class
Partial refund: Between 31 and 60 days from the class
No refund: Within 30 days of the class

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