Focused on the
small things.

Deliberate Concepts Inc. was founded on the principles of deliberate practice. Research in the area of human performance has concluded that talent is generally not the key factor in success in any physical task. The key is identifying a process that is focused on the small things.
“Anyone can do the big things right, it’s doing the little things well that ultimately separates the winners from the losers”.
At Deliberate Concepts, we understand the process of breaking down skills to their most basic components. Our instructors have experience in not just military and law enforcement, but the training experience to identify the key details which may be the overall deciding factor of a students success or failure. Once these details can be identified they can be improved upon. Most instructors don't understand this and spend lots of time and ammunition focusing on drills that will never fix the underlying problems. This creates a frustrating and expensive environment of waste. The likely outcome of which will be a student who plateaus with skill, money, or interest, and eventually stops investing in their shooting or tactical skills.

For Law Enforcement this cannot be allowed to occur. Officers are risking their lives every day to protect members of their community and need training that is relevant to their jobs and training that gets results.

For civilians, these skills can dictate the survivability of themselves and their family’s. Mistakes can cost people their lives and with the added threat of civil litigation, their property and financial futures.
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